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I spent a couple of days this past week helping a church prepare for its annual Bazaar this weekend. The quantity of donated items, everything from clothing and jewelry to cookware, baskets and Christmas decorations, really had me thinking about the abundance of most Americans’ material possessions. The good news is that so many of these items are being re-used through the recycling of church bazaars. I’m less certain, however, of whether this is the best way for our churches to be illustrating God’s abundance in this season.IMG_0435 bazaar

As we enter November, many of us are planning Thanksgiving get-togethers, deciding who is going “over the river and through the woods,” and what each person can bring to help fill the holiday table. Thanksgiving began as a celebration of an abundant harvest, but most of us have become disconnected from that harvest process. Our local grocery stores carry plenty of food, regardless of the season.

Where do you see abundance in your life right now?

How might you witness to that God-given abundance in your life?


Author: Shirin McArthur

I'm a spiritual guide, retreat leader, writer and editor.

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