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Celebrating Eastertide

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Is Easter still on your minds these days? We are still in Eastertide but, like with Christmas, I sense that most people celebrate the day itself and then move on, forgetting that Easter is not just a day, but also a season.

The season of Eastertide is fifty days, longer than Lent, and yet it tends to get less attention than Lent. It seems that we are better at the celebration of discipline than we are at the discipline of celebration.

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Image taken at Desert Harbor (

This year I am doing my best to celebrate Eastertide by regaining balance in my life. I overworked myself in Lent, and for months prior to that, so it seems fitting, and health-giving, to celebrate Easter by resurrecting balance. Giving myself permission to relax, and breathe, and celebrate each day of my life, seems a fitting way to acknowledge the gift of life that comes with resurrection.

What might it mean to intentionally celebrate the rest of Eastertide? We have almost a month left, as Pentecost (the end of Eastertide) isn’t until June 8 this year. How might you continue to live an Easter life in the days ahead?


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