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About Shirin McArthur

Shirin McArthurShirin McArthur is a spiritual guide and writer who has been pondering the spiritual life through prayer, poetry, dance, study and contemplation for most of her life. Shirin has been leading retreat days and embodied prayer workshops on a variety of topics since the early 1990s.

Shirin weaves together the wisdom of spiritual traditions with her work as a photographer and artist to support connections between the physical world and the world of the Spirit.

Shirin holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and History from Trinity University, a Master’s of Divinity from Boston University School of Theology and a Certificate in Spiritual Guidance through the Shalem Institute. She is a certified Kripalu Let Your Yoga Dance Instructor.

Shirin is from New Mexico and lives with her husband, Henry Hoffman, in southern Arizona. If you are interested in discussing your spiritual life with her, she holds guidance sessions via Skype and phone as well as in person. To learn more, contact her at shirinmcarthur [at] gmail [dot] com.Layout 1


4 thoughts on “About Shirin McArthur

  1. Shirin, although I’ve never been called for jury duty, my “peers” in life have changed significantly over the years and I am so grateful for this. During the years I lived in a huge metropolitan area, I had little time to meet and make friends with others outside of the office or other professional connections. Since moving home to NM 13 years ago, my peers are now an incredibly diverse spectrum of people who inspire and enrich my life in many ways.


  2. What a lovely calling you have. And in southern NM! I grew up in El Paso and have been spending time here and in NM recently reconnecting spiritually. I look forward to reading more of your writings and teachings.


    • Thank you, Gabriela! Interestingly, I moved to Arizona last month and forgot about updating my About page…so thank you for pointing it out to me! Part of my heart will always be in New Mexico, as it formed me and continues to influence me…. Blessings on your spiritual reconnections and I am glad my blog is helping!

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